Sunday, October 21, 2007

Planet Terror

Ok another special movie i'm going to talk about Planet Terror. This has to be one of my favorite movies of all time. Its an action Horror Zombie movie with some laughs in it also....its guy a woman with a gun as a leg how great is that? Well ok it was made by Robert Rodriguez and it was for the Grindhouse feature that him and Queintin Taritino did for theaters. Now a Grindhouse is when in the 70's the drive-in movies they would show B-movies which is pretty cheaply made movies and they would be two completely different things they wouldn't be the same really at all. Now with Planet Terror its about the U.S. Military soldiers that are in Texas and they need to get this Biological Gas for their own uses and it gets release out into the town then slowly people start to get infected by the gas and turn into these nasty mutated zombies and there only a few survivors in which includes the woman with the machine gun for a leg her name is Cherry and this sharp shooter El Wray and they happen to go to the military and try to stop it and thats basically the whole plot of the movie. Also there a bit of dark humor in here which I would laugh about for quite a while and some really gross scenes that will make you cringe so if you like horror/zombie movies then should try getting your hands on this one.

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