Sunday, October 21, 2007

Grape City

Ok well I'm in The A.P.A. which stands for the Avant Punk Army. So what we try to do is spread the word about Bizarro books and this is basically one of the reasons why I made this blog for school because I thought it be a great way to spread the word out about Bizarro and help the A.P.A. Also i'm in this Bizarro Book Club on myspace and this is the book we are going to talk about soon so....thats why i'm going to make a post about it. Grape City the Book Synopsis goes like this... Meet Charles, a demon forced to work shitty minimum wage jobs ever since Hell went out of business. He now lives in Grape City, which would be the worst place on Earth, provided all other cities weren't just as bad. While adjusting to his new way of life, Charles passes the time by writing emails to Satan, going on blind dates with mortal women, and attempting to fit in with human society . . . . . . unfortunately society is a mess of chaotic absurdities in which bang-murdering and hack-raping are cultural norms." Now I have to say this book was pretty funny I thought it was funny how this Demon who was name Charles now is working at a fast food restaurant and how he hates this human life he has to live now and the things he sees going back to his apartment can be pretty odd and the book just goes through the whole week and its slowly leading up to Beating up Demons day and that he doesn't want any participant in it at all. The Imagery in this book I found was pretty good how he talked about what Charles was thinking and where he was living and seeing I felt like I was there at that moment. Also the town the author Kevin L. Donihe made him live was so obscene that glad there not a real place like that or at least of what I don't know of. It's a short novel and pretty cheap too if your starting to like Bizarro by now should definitly try picking this one up.

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