Sunday, November 18, 2007

Electric Jesus Corpse

Electric Jesus Corpse has got to be one of the best Bizarro books out there. Carlton Mellick III first novel he wrote when he was 18 shows how talented he was by that age. This novel seems like a good zombie B-movie. Its a completely odd version of the story of Jesus Christ set in a bizarre modern day on earth where the land is over run by zombies, the landscape is turning into meat, and humans are slowly turning into robots. The Story follows the twelve apostle of Christ's. The twist with that also though is that the twelve apostles are pimps, punks, necrophiliacs and other kind of freaks and they hate Jesus and don't want to follow him and his crusade on trying to say humanity at all. So it follows the apostles and their journeys in the bizarre world. Its full of crazy and scary situations with a bit of dark humor on the side. So I think its a definite buy if want to read something that deals with zombies and a different look on the bible.

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